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Tool table in Lathe use

PostPosted: Tue Mar 02, 2021 9:30 am
by Hakke020
For those on us who also use uccnc to control a lathe.
and get stuck on a tool change, maybe you can program the Z axis from the tool table but not the diameter or radius, I think I figured it out.
I have two macros, the well known M6 and M100 mentioned by me, but you can also change M100 to another number to your liking.
This is how it works.
For example enter M6 T1 and you use tool 1 as master tool, with this tool you set your measurements directly in the UCCNC dro, tool 1 is in my case always zero on all offsets in the tooltable.
Now for example you do M6 T2 , Your tool is changed in the dro to tool 2, now you turn a pace to a diameter you can measure in the same way as tool 1
The differences is only that now you enter your measurements with G92 X## (and or) Z ##
Your dro is now updated with the current measurements and now you enter only M100 and tool 2 is updated in the tool table.
Now you can continue your lahte work or reload tool 2 to see your dro stays te same or set up your next tool.

In this way you can also easley corect tool wear in the same way by using G92 X or Z new measurement and then M100.
Tray it, you don’t have to buy it. it's only on your one risk.