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Re: UCCNC test releases posted in this thread

Postby cncdrive » Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:23 pm

UCCNC version 1.2045 is ready for testing.
The download link: http://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/setup_1.2045.exe

Bug fixes and changes:

- Rigid tapping codes set the Fset value to 0. The next motion in g-code execution reset the value properly, but if the motion was Cycle stopped on the rigid tapping g-code line that made the Fset to remain with 0 value which could possibly cause issues on the next g-codes execution, fixed.
- If e-stopped while homing an axis with a master-slave connection with separate home inputs, if the e-stop happened when the gantry squaring was executed, when the master and slave were disconnected to do the separate homing then the e-stop could cause the master-slave connection to remain breaked up, fixed.
- Interpolation problem in the CV optimiser for very small segments between arcs could cause a wrong interpolation of the small segment or arc, fixed.
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Re: UCCNC test releases posted in this thread

Postby cncdrive » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:41 pm

UCCNC version 1.2046 is ready for testing.
The download link: http://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/setup_1.2046.exe

Bug fixes and changes:

- Jog stuck in one direction if the axis' jog direction was changed very quickly with calling the opposite jog direction function, fixed. The jog also stuck into the original jogging direction if both jog keys were pressed in for the same axis, now when both pressed then the axis stops jogging.
- There was a global issue with the laser PWM handling effecting all controllers which appeared only in a few circumstances, fixed.
- Autoleveler plugin was updated. (Thanks Cahit!)
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Re: UCCNC test releases posted in this thread

Postby cncdrive » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:50 pm

UCCNC version 1.2047 is ready for testing.
The download link: http://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/setup_1.2047.exe

Bug fixes and changes:

- The M3 did not always enable the laser output (M10) in time, fixed.
- The Setoutpin function macro call caused the outputs to flicker in demo mode. This did not cause any real machine issue, because it effected the demo mode only, but we fixed the error now.
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Re: UCCNC test releases posted in this thread

Postby cncdrive » Sat Dec 23, 2017 12:15 pm

UCCNC version 1.2101 is ready for testing.
The download link: http://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/setup_1.2101.exe

Bug fixes and changes:

- G41/G42 tool radius compensation g-codes were added.
- Function Getcurrgcodelinetext was added.
- Disable virtualmouse option was added.
- Canned cycle peck Q parameter reset with G80.
- Autoleveler plugin updated.
- Individual current hi/low output setting per axis.
- Enable delay setting to delay the enable signal when removing reset. Delay setable individually per axis.
- Home back off distance parameter was added. Setable per axis.
- Input signals debounce with setable time constant. 3 debounce parameters are separated for THC inputs, Home inputs and the rest of the inputs.
- Peak latency value was added to statistics window.
- IsMovingTHC function was added to detect when the movement paused because of lost arc event when THC control is used.
- Very small arcs appeared polygonal on the toolpath view, fixed.
- Console plugin was added to make plugins and macro debugging easier.
- Russian language was added to the installer.
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Re: UCCNC test releases posted in this thread

Postby cncdrive » Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:28 pm

UCCNC version 1.2102 is ready for testing.
The download link: http://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/setup_1.2102.exe

Bug fixes and changes:

- The software was re-targetted from the .NET framework 2.0 to the .NET framework 4.0.
This means that the software does not require the .NET framework 2.0 to run, but it requires the .NET framework 4.0 or compatible framework.
The good thing about the .NET 4.0 is that it can load .NET 2.0 plugin .dll files, so the old plugins will still work,
the other good thing is that all the .NET 4.x frameworks can run .NET 4.0 targeted assemblies,
so for example if the .NET 4.5, 4.6 etc. frameworks are installed on the computers then they will run the UCCNC in .NET 4.0 compatibility mode,
no need to install the .NET 4.0 separately. This means that Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 will run the UCCNC without installing any .NET frameworks,
because they all have .NET 4.x frameworks installed as part of these Operating System.
On Windows XP and 7 the .NET framework 4.x has to be installed.

For plugin developers the only thing to do to continue developing their plugins is to re-target the plugin project to .NET 4.0, this can be done with a
single setting selection in Visual Studio in the project properties, however Visual Studio 2010 or newer is required which is new enough to support the .NET 4.0 framework.

The .NET 4.0 framework also means that plugins can now use more and newer built-in and 3rd party libraries.

- G41/G42 round joints option.
- G91 incremental movements issue when radius compensation was enabled, fixed.
- Arc Z movement issue when in G91 and executed arc from macro and Z was not defined, fixed.
- Detailed tooltable settings window.
- Tools length and diameter data auto-validate when changed on the screen.
- New Save tooltable button.
- Option to save tooltable datas on closing.
- G10 L1 "R" parameter was added to upload tools to the tooltable via g-code.
- Console plugin updated.
- Appearance option to do not change the toolpath view on file load.
- Additemtolistbeginning function added to the plugininterface.
- Rigid tapping and Thread cutting possibly missed to make the syncronous motion in some case (~1 out of few hundreds usually), fixed.
- Getcurrgcodelinetext did not always give back the proper line numbers, fixed.
- Getcurrentgcodelinenumber function was added to exec and plugininterface.
- Jog panel popup is now disabled when other child Windows has the focus to avoid pushing those windows to minimized when the jogpanel is engaged by the mouse pointer.
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Re: UCCNC test releases posted in this thread

Postby cncdrive » Fri Feb 23, 2018 4:40 pm

UCCNC version 1.2103 is ready for testing.
The download link: http://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/setup_1.2103.exe

- Question function to accept negative numbers too. It only accepted positive numbers.
- Added some algorithm for G41/G42 gouging. This will not fix all cases and vectors opposite direction change will be added later.
- Toolpathclickevent was added to the plugininterface detecting mouse clicks on the toolpath viewer and calculating the viewer to the workspace coordinate system unprojected coordinates and sending them to the plugins.
- Detailed tooltable tool dia and lenght values are formatted to have the same number of digits as how it is setup in the UCCNC settings for other DROs.
- M98 did not run correctly in single cycle. Was broken when the G41/G42 was implemented. Fixed.
- M98 when codes with L0 which means to call it 0 times had an issue that if it was codes with a #var, e.g. M98 L#1 Pxx and if #1 was 0 on g-code loading time then the line was not interpreted which was a problem, because if later #1 changed a value to other than 0 then this line still did not execute. Now the line is interpreted just not jumping the subroutine when the L#var parameter is 0, so when the parameter changes to other than 0 then it executes. Fixed.
- In demo mode the reset did not stop the jog if the jog key was held down while triggering the reset. This could not cause an issue for any machines, because it only effected the demo modes which can't control a machine.
- G64 and G68 codes display was not in the proper growing order, the larger number was displayed first, which was only a visual problem, fixed.
- Informplugin(s) function was added to the plugininterface. So far only the Informplugin(s) events were in the interface to let macros call plugins. Now plugins can call eachother.
- OSK plugin functionality was extended, plugin was updated. On-Screen Keyboard / Calculator (OSK) now automatically grows if display is high resolution. In the current profile under [UCCNC_OSK] section IgnoreFields key fields (usually for text input) can be excluded from OSK. The format is IgnoreFields=<fieldnumber>[,<fieldnumber>] without spaces. By default fields 1000 and 216 (MDI and Newprofilename) are already excluded. Also supports x64 platform.
- ESC keyboard key function was added to DRO editing to Delete and also exit from the DRO when pressed.
- Inches and millimeters CV option was added to the installer to install different default values for users using mm or inch units.
- M1 in subroutines did not work properly. Was broken when the G41/G42 was implemented. Fixed.
- G10 L1 R.. code did not work properly. Fixed.
- The internal variables (#vars) interpretation had a limitation (the same limitation which Mach3 also has) in it's working due to the motion buffering, that the #vars has to be advance calculated, so the external query of the vars did not give the proper timed value if there was a looking ahead in the g-code. The #vars value displayed was always what it was lastly calculated including the looking ahead. So, for example attaching a #var to an analog output and changing the value line by line could not work unless if there was a wait code after each value change which blocked the looking ahead. An example code to show this issue:
G0 X0
#1 = 1
G0 X1
#1 = 2
In this example the #1 value queried with the Getvar function or if it was attached to an analog output showed value 2 even while the G0 X1 code was being executed, because the software was looking ahead and already calculated the #1 to have value 2.
The working of this was now changed, the #vars are now pushed into the motion buffer and now the queries show the values in syncron with the g-code execution.
- App.config file was changed and installed with the installer to allow plugins compiled with .NET 2.0 and with different appdomain to run.
- The application was now compiled with AnyCPU and the associated steps were done to let the UCCNC run as an x64 process on 64-bit machines to let it take advantage of the 64bits architecture. Now the software runs as an x86 process on 32bits computers and it runs as x64 process on 64bits computers. The software can now load large g-code files on x64 computers. Was tested upto 500MBytes g-code file size, but ofcourse the file size limit depends on how many vectors does the g-code file contain.
The plugins which were compiled for x86 architecture will no more work on x64 Windows. The authors of the plugins have to change the target platform in their application to AnyCPU if they want their plugins to work on both platforms.
The plugins which install with the UCCNC were all recompiled with AnyCPU and the example C# plugin template was also updated to AnyCPU, except the XHC and URC200 pendant plugins, these will be updated only in the next release, they will not work in this release version.
- The toolpath viewer drawing method was updated to use Vertex buffer object instead of Vertex buffer list to let it draw larger amounts of vertices associated with the larger file sizes which are supported by the x64 platform. For this reason the UCCNC now relies on the OpenGL 1.3 + the ARB_vertex_buffer_object OpenGL extension or the OpenGL 1.5. The software automatically selects between what to use, if one of them is available then the software will run. If the vertex buffer object is not supported at all by the graphics card then the software will show an error and will not run.
- M215 Px had an issue with updating the pulley in syncron with the g-code cycle execution, fixed.
- The 5441 motherboard firmware missed to have the internal pullup resistors configured on 2 of the inputs in the firmware, fixed.
- An issue with full circles execution was fixed, that if the software was forced to syncronise with the motion controller after a motion which movement gave the startpoint of the arc and then the full (360°) circle was executed after the code which caused the syncronisation and if the 1/steps per value was not an integer divisor of the endpoint then the circle was in some cases no more understood as a full circle by the motion software, because the syncronisation caused the start coordinates and the end coordinates to become different points, because the steps per value did not allow the programmed coordinate by resolution and so then the circle might not be executed depending on which side the start coordinate offset. The issue was fixed with the controller is now not syncronising the coordinates while in cycle except for certain operations which require the syncronisation.
- Rigid tapping and Thread cutting possibly missed to make the syncronous motion in some case (~1 out of few hundreds usually). This was fixed for the ethernet controllers only in the previous release and now the same was fixed for the USB controllers.
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Re: UCCNC test releases posted in this thread

Postby cncdrive » Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:03 pm

UCCNC version 1.2104 is ready for testing.
The download link: http://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/setup_1.2104.exe

- XHC and UCR200 pendants plugins converted to work on both 32 and 64bits systems.
- Probe #vars did not update, issue was created in previous test release, now fixed.
- The edit file could cause a not correctly handled exception especially when loading large files, fixed.
- Syncronisation problem with G28.1 homing, issue was created in previous test release, now fixed.
- Plugins init event was not syncronised properly to the plugin loop start. When one ore more plugins initialization took long time then the plugin loops could start before all plugins finished the initialization calls. Now all the init calls are made and finish before starting the loops.
- Issue was found when an arc was coded and the user pressed stop before the software could fill the motion buffer and so only that one arc item was in the buffer and the stop was made at the end of the arc then the controller could not do the movement ID incrementation which protects against making a full or close to full circle in this special case. Now further protection was added which protects against this situation.
- The 6.Aux encoder port and pin numbers saving on Save all was missing.
- Macro language is now selectable to VisualBasic. To write the macro in VB language instead of C# write the #VB word into the very first row of the macro file. When the compiler finds the #VB keyword in the first row of a macro then the Visual Basic compiler is used to compile the macro instead of the C# compiler.
Only the macro(s) which have the #VB word in their first row compile with the Visual Basic compiler, all other macros which do not contain the #VB word are compiled with the C# compiler.
The Visual Basic language option is available for both the macros and the macroloops.
- Pin mapping plugin (Pinout.dll) added for checking and monitoring input and output pins. Some error checking is built in, the plugin shows problems if found. For more information see UCCNC\Documentation folder
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Re: UCCNC test releases posted in this thread

Postby cncdrive » Fri Jun 15, 2018 10:15 am

UCCNC version 1.2105 is ready for testing.
The download link: http://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/setup_1.2105.exe

- Future AXBB board was added to the software.
- Setselectedindexinlist function was added to get the selected index of row in list items on the screen.
- Buffer error introduced recently which caused codes to skip, fixed.
- M10.1 to M10.10 and M11.1 to M11.10 10pcs of syncronous digital outputs were added.
- Ismacrorunning function was added to allow macros to monitor if a macro is running.
- Z home value and SafeZ was lowered in the inch profile.
- Slowdown on #var set between motions, fixed.
- Run from here spindle sometimes did not dwell with the spindle on options, fixed.
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Re: UCCNC test releases posted in this thread

Postby cncdrive » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:55 am

UCCNC version 1.2106 is ready for testing.
The download link: http://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/setup_1.2106.exe

- Getlist and GetMDIhistory functions were added to the macros and plugininterface.
- UCR201 wireless pendant USB drivers installer was added to the installer.
- UCR201 wireless pendant plugin was added.
- Cycle start froze the software if the RFH window was already active/modal and the Cycle start was again activated via input trigger, fixed.
- Set and Clr Output functions had an issue (introduced in previous release) that it did not update the outputs in the front buffer which caused multiply close neighbour set or clear output function calls to override eachother, fixed.
- On-Screen Keyboard / Calculator (OSK) now supports MDI input with history and 3 keyboard layout (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY) for MDI supported characters. Also, OSK can be switched to 75% opacity
- On-Screen Keyboard / Calculator (OSK) now can be called from macros/plugins (see sample macro on viewtopic.php?f=15&t=668)
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Re: UCCNC test releases posted in this thread

Postby cncdrive » Mon Dec 31, 2018 6:59 pm

UCCNC version 1.2108 is ready for testing.
The download link: http://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/setup_1.2108.exe Due to a newly created bug about arcs interpolation this version was withdrawn!

Bug fixes and changes:

- new AXBB controller firmware finalized for release.
- new AXBB controller was added to plasma screenset too. (Was missing from previous test release.)
- UC100 Set and Clear output pin toggling function got a bug due to the previously released M10.x/M11.x, fixed.
- GUI: list item clear function had a problem, fixed.
- GUI: list transparent background (transparency%) option.
- Errorous arc g-codes (G2, G3) with changing start and ending radius did not display properly, fixed.
- GUI: sliders added to the run page FRO and SRO.
- GUI: LEDs added to the run page to show FRO and SRO state.
- GUI: combobox Font type was not working, fixed.
- G-code editor multiply times paste (one ctrl+C and after multiply ctrl+V) did not work, the clipboard was accidentally cleared, fixed.
- Plugins shutdown event culture was not set to EN-US which could possibly cause plugin issues on non English Windows if the programmer did not set the culture to EN-US.
- Textfieldtexttyped event was added to plugininterface.
- Exec Disable controls (GUIdisable) function was added.
- Console plugin was updated with option to redirect the macro compile error message to the console.
- Getlayerlist function was added to the plugininterface.
- Getmainwindowproperties function was added to plugininterface to get the UCCNC main window actual position and size.
- M2 and M30 program end codes in some cases stopped the step/dir type spindle without decceleration, fixed.
- Function added: Cycle start home check option to disable cycle start if not homed.
- Function added: Reset dereference the homed status of the axes homes.
- Few minor issues with UCR201 fixed.
- UC100 pin 16. did not work for pin toggling and some other functions due to the previously released M10.x/M11.x function, fixed.
- G43/G44 was added to the modal codes status line display.
- Fixturechanged event was added to the plugininterface.
- Gettooltabledata function was added to read the tool extended tooltable.
- M6 tool change LED light up too early in some cases, fixed.
- Getactualmodalcodes function was added to read the actual modals as a double array.
- G93 inverse time feed code was added.
- Rotary axis support was added to the ABC axes when the rotary axis just follows the linear axes but are not calculated into the path feedrate.
- Rollover on 360° option for rotary axis option added to rotate over 360° to 0°and vica versa.
- Tangential cutting knife mode for the A-axis.
- M66 wait on input macro was added. (high, low, rise, fall checks and optional timeout.)
- M48, M49, M50, M51 macros were added to enable/disable the FRO and SRO.
- Isresetactive function was added to the plugininterface to let the plugin check and show the built in reset window if the reset is active.
- New probing tab page with probing plugin.

Due to a newly created bug about arcs interpolation this version was withdrawn!
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