Problem with IO Trigger

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Problem with IO Trigger

Postby Nema91 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:47 pm


i have a with setting up some output trigger for my CNC machine.
My intention is to start the waterpump for the spindle and the aircooler
for the other electronics if spindle is running.
Port 3 Pin 2 and Port 3 Pin 3 control two relais. They are
triggered directly from UCCNC(IO Trigger) with LED 50/51
(Spindle on cw/ccw).
So settings are:
Port 3, Pin 2 <- LED50
Port 3, Pin 3 <- LED50
Port 3, Pin 2 <- LED51
Port 3, Pin 3 <- LED51

But with this Settings both Output Pins change their
Output(low - high) uncontrolable. They don‘t have a
constant state.

How can I control my two relais so that they are
active if my spindle is running?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Problem with IO Trigger

Postby cncdrive » Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:19 pm

This is how it has to work with your configuration. It is not a bug.
You configured both the spindle CW and the spindle CCW LED to the same pin.
The issue is that the spindle can't be on both directions the same time and so only one LED can be on and the other will be off.
What happens is that the output trigger will go through your config and it will first put the LED#50 to the output pin and after it will put LED#51 to the same output pin.
Because one LED is on and the other is off this will make the LED to switch on/off/on/off etc. in a cycle.
So, the output is not uncontrolled, it is controlled properly, it is just not what you want.

How you could achive to switch 2 outputs on the with both the CW and the CCW spindle signal is the followings:
1.) Configure the M3 relay pin and also the M4 relay pin (Configuration/Axis setup/Spindle page) to the same output pin.
2.) Clone this output with an output trigger. Attach your output pin to the LED number of the output pin you configured in point 1. Because every output has a LED number this is possible.
3.) You can do point 2. more times if you need any more than 2 LEDs.
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Re: Problem with IO Trigger

Postby Nema91 » Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:13 pm

Thanks for your quick reply.
It works now as intended! :)
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