3500x2200mm CNC Build with UCCNC

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Re: 3500x2200mm CNC Build with UCCNC

Postby CNCChris » Sun Nov 15, 2020 6:54 am

Nice build there mate. Have you got more information on those gear reduction drives you made? would love to make a few myself
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Re: 3500x2200mm CNC Build with UCCNC

Postby RRocadas » Fri Nov 20, 2020 1:03 pm

Thank you Chris

Here are some more details.
I´m drawing all parts of the machine to share the design with some improvements, then i will share to anyone who wants to build one.

This model is modular so it fits in any dimension the user needs.

Regarding to the gear reduction they were made by a friend of mine from this step file shared on the Cnc Router Parts Website then i made some minor changes on the holes to make a 3 to 1 reduction.
I have installed a pinion HTDM5 with 60 teeths with a 20 teeths pinion Module 2 in back side. So in the motor i have a 20 teeth HTDM weel linked to a 60 teeth HTDM5 and in backside of this 60 teeth weel i have the Module 2 pinion of 20 teeth atached to the rack.

Link to the step file: https://www.avidcnc.com/dl/cad.2014.PRO ... 014_1.STEP

thank you
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