AXBBE port 2 pin 1 no work

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AXBBE port 2 pin 1 no work

Postby jcoldon » Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:47 am

I have an axbbe trying to get pin 1 on port 2 to work.. all the other pins work. port 2 pins 2 to 6 the led come on. por2 pin 1 does not if I config in the soft ware in comes on in the monitor screen
But does not when I connect a wire to it ..

Also on port 1 pin 1 the out put led does not work nore does the output
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Re: AXBBE port 2 pin 1 no work

Postby cncdrive » Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:55 am

Please do not duplicate your questions. You asked the same in email too. Please ask the question on our forum or in email, not on both! Thank you.

My answer I have just sent you in email:

Dear Jeff,

We test all controllers on automatic testing equipment which tests all I/Os, so it is basically not possible that any of the I/Os do not work on a new device.

Pin 1. on port2. is an input, how are you connecting to it? You know you have to drive it out with voltage between the + and - side of the input. (I+ and I-)
What voltage are you using?

Pin 1. on port1. is an output, but it is a special output. If you will check the users manual you will see that it is a charge pump output.
So, you can use that output only as a charge pump, in other words it works only if you will configure the charge pump signal to it in the UCCNC or in mach3.
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