UCR201 does not always work

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UCR201 does not always work

Postby LSHbornholm » Sun May 29, 2022 12:46 pm

Hi here
I have a small question about the UCR201 wireless jog pendant

I am running UCCNC - http://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/setup_1.2113.exe, and have also this running in another DIR for test with pendant, http://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/setup_1.2115 .exe

In addition, I run the UC300ETH-5LPT + UCBB breakout board

My problem is the following:
I home the machine, load a Gcode file, use my UCR201 to place X and Y and probing my Z height, and then running the the job.

I can do this 1-2 times, but after that UCR201 is locked / frozen, and does not allow me to use the remote control (UCR201) anymore, before I restart of UCCNC!

I have no other USB device plugged into my computer.

What's wrong?

Lars / Denmark
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Re: UCR201 does not always work

Postby cashmechanix » Fri Jul 01, 2022 11:52 am

Hi, I’ve just received my UCR201 yesterday and I’m having the same issue.
I got less than an hour and it won’t turn on again.

I’ve changed the batteries and it now turns on and after 10 minutes I can’t use it unless I change the batteries again.
it seems that either I have a faulty unit or the low battery voltage sensor is set way to high, or the consumption is not what it should be. Even the tiniest bit of use on fresh batteries and the unit won’t power on.

Did you get a solution to your problem, I wonder if it’s the same?
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