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Huanyang VFD PID ?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:46 pm
by Robertspark
Long shot .... err non cnc application.... thought I'd ask if someone has done it or knows how to do it.....

Huanyang VFD PID ?

4-20mA feedback sensor

Motor control application (4 pole, 50hz, 900rpm (~32hz) to ~ 1500rpm (~52hz))

Problem I have is I've set the setpoint on PD159 as 75% [consider as an abitrary number]
I have an adjustable 4-20mA current source and the VFD just basically uses it as a PID target, not the PID feedback signal

Dispite setting PD160 being set to #0, which "should" enable PD159 as the target setpoint.

Any suggestions?

[I've not tried using an AI 0-10v signal in lieu of PD159 and set PD160 to #1, I'll try that tomorrow]