Invertor VFD Connections to HDBB2

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Invertor VFD Connections to HDBB2

Postby dbdb2000 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:23 am

I'm connecting up my vfd Yaskawa V1000 to the uccnc BOB. (24v supply on VFD controls)
In the past I have always controlled it manually via the local mode and starting and stopping it via the vfd with mach3.
I'm tidying up the machine and want to get it going via the m3 g code.

The connections i think i have to make to get pwm working

The V1000 requires a forward between S1+ SC (common) (reverse is s2+sc)
the dip switch set to sink
I think these connections could be between output 1 (pin 26) and a PGND Pin on the Breakout board

Then PWM V1000
RP pin to another output pin eg output 2 pin 28 of the breakout board (as the analog Pot requires 0-10v and the breakout board give 0-5v)
AC is the common for the analog input so tied to a PGND

Then assigned in the UCCNC software for spindle output pwm.

If there is any glaring errors i'll update and add photos for anyone else trying to connect it together.

I've attached the relevant page from the vfd wiring if anyone with experience could add their knowledge.
v1000 connections.JPG
Yaskawa V1000 connections
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