DG4S-08020 drive—noisy

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DG4S-08020 drive—noisy

Postby Chuck767 » Wed May 08, 2019 1:09 pm

Hi All,
I have three of these drives, DG4S-08020, on my Shizoka Mill. They are controlling Fanuc Servos with Fanuc encoders. I have a Warp9 ESS motion control and a C62, CNC4PC break out board. Running MACH3

The Y and Z axis operate smoothly and sound very good, the X axis hums a lot and is more jerky and generally noisy.

I used the CNCdrives tuning stick and thought I had all drives tuned about the same.

In MACH 3, all the Motors are tuned the same relative to speed and velocity, etc.

Could someone point me in the right direction in resolving this.?

Thank you,
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Re: DG4S-08020 drive—noisy

Postby Muzzer » Sat Jul 20, 2019 4:59 pm

I've just joined this forum. I see you have a Shizuoka and are using the DG4S drives. That suggests you are in the UK, as most US machines seemed to be stepper based. May be wrong of course!

Which model do you have? Mine's actually an AN-SB (variant of AN-S) with SEM brushed servos and Haidenhain encoders.

Did you fix the problem? Mine is reasonably stable and quiet but sometimes it grumbles a bit when at rest. I've actually got the DG4S-160 but I expect they are fairly similar. I would expect this kind of issue is more to do with noise pickup on the encoder feedback than the tuning of the PID controllers. Not sure why you'd get hum, as there shouldn't be any analogue voltages in the feedback. Have you got screened signal cables, grounded near the drives? Is the main PSU floating from chassis / ground? Do they use a common (shared) PSU (no harm in that)?

Some pics of my machine at http://www.murraye.com if you have a bit of a dig there.
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Re: DG4S-08020 drive—noisy

Postby Chuck767 » Sun Jul 28, 2019 6:41 pm

Thanks for the info.

No I’m not in the UK.


At one time I had AN-S.

Relative to your question,

“Have you got screened signal cables, grounded near the drives? “

I have the original FANUC servos and encoders and I used the wiring that was originally on the machine. I need to check to see if any additional wiring I put in is shielded right up to the drivers.

As I mentioned Y Z are fine and again I used the original wiring.

Relative to,
“Is the main PSU floating from chassis / ground? “

I am not sure of this but I could certainly check.

Relative to,
“Do they use a common (shared) PSU?”

If you’re referring to the ZY servos and drives, the answer is yes

I appreciate your input and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

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