Help wiring DG4S/PMDX-126

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Help wiring DG4S/PMDX-126

Postby thosj » Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:59 pm

I bought 4 DG4S 08020 drives to replace Gecko G320 drives in my mill. I powered them all with a separate 12v supply, plugged encoders, ran ServoConfigurator3 and updated firmware and loaded approximate PID files from CNC4PC's web site for my motors where I bought the drives.

But......I'm unsure how to wire to my PMDX-126. I realize the PMDX board is not yours but I'm hoping you can help!!

So the Step and Dir will go to J1 thru J4 center 2 connectors, no problem, "2", "3", etc. I guess Pin 3 Gnd for Step/Dir will go to J1/J4 Gnd. But do I need 5v from somewhere for the J1/J4 PC5v? Pin 5 will not be fed as I'm using 12v on Pins 7/8, so I don't use Pin 5, right?

Also, how to wire Error and Reset. I think all ERROR to ERR- on J13 of the PMDX-126 and Reset to RST on J13 of the PMDX-126, but where to get the 5v for ERR+ and COM on J13?

I do know how to wire the power/motors, but could use some help with the BOB wiring. All the examples I find are simply plugging in RJ45's on BOB's with those!! I have to strip and wire!

The PMDX-126 Doc is here:

Thanks a lot :oops:

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