XBox 360 plugin update

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Re: XBox 360 plugin update

Postby Damiano87 » Tue Sep 26, 2023 12:56 pm

Good morning, yes it was the trigger to pull for a feedrate of €100.
Thank you....
now I can't find the button that makes me start the touch plate probe such as this photo. I tried with all the buttons from 800 to 900 attempts but none of them start the process.
thanks a lot to everyone
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Re: XBox 360 plugin update

Postby dezsoe » Tue Sep 26, 2023 5:33 pm

That is button 196, Toollengthmeasurement, Commands a tool length measurement. (Code executed in Macro M31)
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Re: XBox 360 plugin update

Postby Delco » Thu Sep 28, 2023 6:14 am

Is there a updated video on how to do reverse engineering of a part , the only video I have found is but the screens are different to the current software and its not overly intuitive.
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Re: XBox 360 plugin update

Postby Khan » Mon Apr 01, 2024 3:42 pm

I know I'm bumping something old - but I wanted to mention something for the forum users regarding this plugin that I wasn't able to find anywhere.

I can confirm that the plugin works 100% with a USB-C Microsoft Xbox ONE controller. I was hunting everywhere for a XBOX 360 controller and couldn't find one so I decided to just try it. Every control works as expected.
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Re: XBox 360 plugin update

Postby eabrust » Fri Jun 21, 2024 1:36 am

Hi all,

I've put out a new version of my XBox plugin which I've been updating for a while. It will now be designated as Xbox360 Controller Pro for v3.000 and subsequent going forwards.
This version adds some useful changes such as:

[*]Long button press vs short button press actions (ie, make it so you can hit e-stop with a quick button touch, but reset may require a hold for a time of user settable duration to ensure can’t accidentally reset, etc by bumping the button)
[*]Mouse mode (Yes, the xbox controller can also be your mouse)
[*]Screen overlay displays / reminders / button press duration indicator, etc.
[*]Access to the thumb stick button clicks and start button (back button reserved for mode changing in the plugin)
[*]Two separate speed presets to assign to the sticks rapidly (change between fast jogging for moving across table, then switch to very low max speed for setup work, center finding, etc)
[*]A quick access menu for selecting speed preset or jog step size.
[*] and probably a few other items I’ve already forgotten about….

The new version will have a trial period, then require a one time license purchase to use it indefinitely. The license will be tied to a controller, similar to UCCNC. The old version 2.060 and prior remains free, and is also available as source code on Git.

Info on the new version can be found here: The installer contains just the plugin, but will still require the SlimDX runtime to be installed and available to use the XBox cotnroller and run. If you've used the prior plugin before, you're all set with just installing the new plugin. If you've not used the old version before, make sure you also grab the SlimDX runtime installer from the same web page linked.

Thank you in advance for any feedback you may have on the new plugin if you test it out. I've tested it for a while, but I'm sure a few bugs and quirks may still exist.


The plugin main form for setup:

Screen overlay mode indicator, showing current state in mouse mode:

Example of overlay feedback showing a plugin mode change:
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Re: XBox 360 plugin update

Postby cncdrive » Sun Jun 23, 2024 9:25 am

Thank you Erik, we appritiate your work.
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