Probe with bed as Ref

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Probe with bed as Ref

Postby DanezDK » Tue Jan 23, 2024 9:59 pm

Hi all,
I made this plugin because I needed it :)
And decided to upload it, as I saw someone else needing this function.

It will probe the workpiece and then bed, to use it for reference either with a 3D touch probe or a moveable touch plate, using the probe macro (M31).
On each tool change it will probe a fixed location, you can use a touch plate or tool setter using the Tool change macro (M6).

Run config and press the button, this will replace M6 and M31 and create to new macros M500 (Call the Plugin control) and M501 (call the Plugin Config).
(Backups of current macros will be made, before replacing the macros. don't worry.)

Use the Plugin Control to set Work, Bed, Fixed and tool change positions. Also, some other settings like feed rate and retraction can be set.
Make sure, that there is a clear path from Work and Bed positions, and between Tool Change and Fixed positions.
The macro will use the Z value from the position it is moving to when changing positions.

Ideas for improvements and more settings are welcome. It is work in progress, but it does work as intended right now. (At least on my CNC :) )

Alex Juul Dormann
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Re: Probe with bed as Ref

Postby Carboncnc » Sun Apr 21, 2024 8:26 pm

Ohh, just found this from you…

I have fiddled around so much today and I cant really get anything to work while probing..

I will give your plugin a try some day.
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