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Verbose Logging

Postby Matt » Tue Feb 13, 2024 12:19 am

I'd like to put in a feature request for UCCNC. One thing I've found missing is detailed logging. There are times where I'm troubleshooting and it would have been invaluable to know the state of the machine. A basic log of I/O state changes would be wonderful but even more would be a complete dump of I/O states when major events like an estop or limit trigger cause the machine to enter a reset state. Additional logging could also aid in resource planning by allowing us to bring in the data elsewhere to crunch numbers.

    Program log: everything about the gcode being run
  • Software and plugin versions
  • File attributes (name, location, size, created+modified datetime, file checksum)
  • Cycle start/hold/stop timestamps
  • Offset selections
  • Tool selections
  • Manual tool changes, wait times
  • Total run/idle time
  • Any exceptions encountered (limit switches, estops, resets)

    Machine log: about the machine and UCCNC, not so much the program
  • System information, logged in user, controller and plugin versions
  • Open/close timestamp of any programs during
  • State changes of all/selected outputs
  • State changes of all/selected inputs

    Exception log: detailed dump of everything important
  • Location of related logs, like machine log or program log if one was open
  • Type of event (estop, limit trigger)
  • State of all inputs when exception occurred
  • State of all outputs when exception occurred
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