Handle many network interface

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Handle many network interface

Postby sebmay » Sat May 13, 2017 2:07 pm


I may have many ethernet interfaces in my PC. For example one is connected to the LAN of the company, another one is dedicated to the communication with my UC300ETH.

I do not want to start a MOP, and depends on the quality of the company's routers, switches. I do not want to miss my MOP because somebody, somewhere, disconnected a switch.
I may not have TWO RJ45 in my office.

Now, in case of two interfaces (one wifi, one RJ45), when i start UCCNC and there is a firmware update, one frame over two is lost : the firmware is incorrectly written in the UC300-ETH. I had to de-activate the wifi.

In the function trying to write a piece of firmware to the UC300, no interface is specified, and because they are two interfaces, Windows select alternatively one and the other. All frames send by WIFI is lost.
Sure, i may increase the weight of the wifi interface, or add a specific route. But, i am not even sure it could work, because i suppose UDP is used, or a specific protocol used. And i doubt all UCCNC users are confident with such disposition.

To do the test : One RJ45 interface, one wifi, the UC300 connected to a switch, that switch is also connected to the company LAN. The wifi is connected to the same network.

At the end, i would connect one RJ45 to the LAN, another straight directly and exclusively connected to the UC300ETH direct with a cable.

Whatever happens in the LAN does not influence in any way UCCNC relationship with the UC300ETH

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