power outage

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power outage

Postby jsim8909 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 5:58 pm

I'm looking for a macro to cycle stop,save coordinates,save current line of code when a pin on breakout goes either high or low. I am making an a/c mains sensor with 1.5 msec response time and can output 5v or ground from a separate opto of the breakout boards own 5v ref. My drives are 120v a/c builtin psu each and with the caps they use I have strong torque holding for 1.5 sec before they are drained flat. So if cycle stop is immediately run the drives will spend down there last cap energy in decel. I have closed loop so encoders are present to track physical location. But with files generated sometimes with g92 or maybe a edit I did, I want an extra layer of protection. Uccnc spec 1.2106 Uc400eth dual c10 breakouts and nema 34 1699 oz closed looped with encoders using differential transfer and receivers with twisted pairs. 1000 line on all 5 axis. milling Spindle is 3hp perm mag dc instant reversing anolog controlled with a/d 5v converter. also 2.2kw Chinese with vfd and a 100 watt blue diode laser spindle. I'm only looking for an x,y,z solution now just to perform cycle stop,save position and last line run. I can latter figure out how to provide uccnc the encoder inputs to compare whats saved vs the last encoder read. This is of course understanding the desktop and psu used for uc400eth and breakouts and backed up with a ups providing sometime to boot it all down after all saved. I know duet 3d has excellent results with 3d printers with there power out event.g and resurrect.g config files they write to there board sd card. I like the filmware on an sd card idea! Note pad in plain English and everything you write to the files is gcode total control. That firmware uses only gcode to config every process. They can even write to the files and upload to the board while printing. I have a duet Ethernet board and it's great. They handle gcode different and it doesn't work well for subtractive machining.

I would love any ideas anyone might have. I have never written a macro and never succeeded at even written ardiuno code. I could really use some help!
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