Tool Table Slot# assignments

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Tool Table Slot# assignments

Postby Vmax549 » Thu May 17, 2018 12:41 am

Here is a handy tool that will help you use teh Slot# assignments in teh new tool table VIEW.

UCCNC currently doe not support Slot # assignments for ATCs so this is a work around.

First you have to understand that if you have a 10 tool ATC setup then teh tools 1-10 are considered slot# by definition but UCCNC can only use tool#s. SO you need to reserve teh tool# 1-10 to be used as slots#.

You then store all the other tools you have as tool # 11-96. Enter all teh tool data you like in that range.

To make assignments you open teh tool table view and from teh table you select the tools you want to assign and enter in teh Slot#s for those tools.

For instance I want to use Tool #15 as slot1. I would enter 1 as teh slot# for tool 15

Tool 29 as slot2


Then save teh tool table.

Next run teh M20957 macro. It takes all teh slot# assignments (1-10) and transfers teh tool data into the Tool #s That the atc uses.

That way you can maintain your tool table entries and assign a slot# when needed.

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